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On this site you will find all the resources you need to improve and learn through techniques and concepts that will radically change your game. I've spent my life learning and studying this sport, now let me help you.

Get Quantum Breaking Mechanics Now

Quantum Breaking Mechanics

Are you tired of getting to leg entanglements and not being able to finish outside heel hooks? This Instructional will fix that.

Star Lord's Online Academy

Just launched! Register now to join Josh "Star Lord" Leduc's online academy. Posting classes weekly!

50/50 Breaking Mechanics Seminar

This is the recording of my seminar at South Side Jiu-Jitsu in Chattanooga where we cover some breaking mechanics and other goodies from 50/50.

Emil Fischer Multiple Time F2W Champion and Pan American Champion

Josh is one of the most effective coaches I've had the pleasure of working with. His ability to see opportunities on the fly and deliver that information in actionable words are light years ahead of most of his peers. If you have an opportunity to train with or better yet be coached by Josh do it. Your entire grappling outlook will change for the better.

Kevin Gallagher 3X World Champion

Josh "Star Lord" Leduc has an advanced understanding of submissions that helped me greatly to advance my attacking game to the next level. I use his knowledge of breaking mechanics in my competition strategy in every match. I highly recommend learning from him.

Get Quantum Breaking Mechanics

Don't wait until you're in a situation where you need to be able to properly break with an outside heel hook to learn the correct way. Get your copy now.


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